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Julia Miner Studio - Student Feedback

Urban Design Studio, Principia College


  1. "Awesome, inspiring, intriguing."
  2. "You expected a lot from us...however with all the work, I learned so much."
  3. "...Most helpful were the field trips that provided real-life experience on the respective sites, learning how to use scale models, and thinking like an architect."
  4. "This course provides opportunities to think outside the box."
  5. "Frustrating at times, creative, insightful."
  6. "I've seen evidence of my own growth...learning how to effectively incorporate and utilize space, and learning the concepts behind architecture."
  7. "Everything has been very beneficial!  I learned so much about urban design and architecture.  I enjoyed the hands-on work we did."



School Visits   

STUDENT FEEDBACK                                             

…Your work brought me great joy and inspiration.  In fact, when I got home, I took out my pastels and drew a picture.  I want to be an author or illustrator when I grow up..  The way you used the oil paints was amazing.  It must have been a lot of work…Sincerely, Jenny Arson-Schneider (2001. sixth grade, Wellesley, MA)

Dear Julie,  I hope you come next year, and I like your Art.  And the Book.  You are the best.  Your friend, Gabrielle (2007, 2nd grade, Gilbert, AZ)

…It was great to hear about all of your and Mrs. Hunter’s exciting experiences.  I was amazed at how much work you put into all of the drafts and research of your illustrations.  I especially enjoyed the slide show.  My favorite part of the presentation was when you would show the photograph of the model right before the illustration.  I was also interested in the photographs of the landscapes and how beautiful the land was.  It was important to me to get a behind the scenes look at the book.  Love, Molly Richard (2003, sixth grade, Wellesley, MA)

Dear Julia Miner,  Thank you for coming and helping me understand more about the book.  The illustrations were fabulous.  My favorite was the picture of the guy that thought the grandfather was a bad guy.   Chris David (2004, 3rd Grade, Lincoln, MA)

Your artwork is magnificent.  When you presented the slide show, I liked how you showed the models, and then the artwork you made from them.  The slide show itself was a work of art!  I look forward to seeing all of your other art, but I am sure that the pictures from The Unbreakable Code will still be my favorite.  Sarah Mitchell (2003, 6th grade, Wellesley, MA)

You and Mrs. Hunter totally changed my idea of how picture books are created.  I never would have thought of all the things the author and illustrator have to go through.  Your illustrations were truly inspiring to me.  I have never been to Arizona, but your paintings gave me a good idea of what it looks like.  You also captured all of the characters…I will remember your visit forever!  Sincerely, Hannah Jacobs (2003, 6th grade, Wellesley, MA)

…The slide presentation was great.  I also thought it was interesting how your sheep and herders {In the Shepherd’s Song) made the Navajos want to be interviewed…Lily Reece (1999, 6th Grade, Wellesley, MA)